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Choosing A Qualified Hair Salon

We are a full-service salon and hair care center. We offer free consultations, by appointment, where we evaluate your lifestyle and extent of hair loss to identify alternative hair products and procedures that are appropriate for you. In our private salon environment, we introduce you to a variety of synthetic and human hair options – and outline the cost for each option.

Talking to a professional about your hair loss should take place before you start treatment. To begin, you must find a reputable studio.

For possible referrals, you may want to consult your stylist, friends or family member that may have an association with a hair replacement studio. Another option is to call your local Alopecia Aereata Foundation. They may be able to provide you with a list of qualified centers. Your local telephone directory, local newspapers,
and magazines may also provide useful information.

When researching, look for the following terms:

Hair Replacement Specialist – with notations that they specialize in cranial prosthetics

Wigs – Under this category look for studios that indicate that they are chemotherapy and alopecia specialists.

After discovering all of the options and examining them, the next step is to find out more through a consultation. These are private meetings for asking questions and finding out more about hair loss options. Most professionals will be willing to answer all of your concerns about hair loss.

Listed below are a few questions that should provide the information needed to evaluate a business:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is the experience of their technicians?
  • Are they involved in the community with education?
  • Have they earned any awards or been recognized for any accomplishments?
  • Can you get referrals of some of their other clients?

Items a studio may discuss with you during a consultation:

  • The type and stage of treatment you are in
  • What your needs are
  • What a prosthesis is and show you the different product available
  • What solutions will work for you and why

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Accessories and Cosmetics

You may not want to wear your hair alternative product at all times. Turbans, sleep caps and hats provide the perfect alternatives to accommodate your lifestyle. We also offer water-resistant, Mineral Eyebrow Make-up Kits that create perfectly shaped eyebrows in seconds. Using plastic templates in various brow shapes, you can choose from ten different colors to create perfect eyebrows to complement your face shape and skin and hair color.