Kathleen’s Story

Our Mission

Kathleen’s Creative Expressions strives to provide a welcoming environment, where clients’ needs are always met with care and compassion. Kathy believes it is part of her job to educate and support all of her clients – and to help them feel confident and beautiful.

Kathy is a licensed Professional Cosmetologist with certifications in Hair Replacements. She has been in the business for over 25 years, specializing in women’s thinning hair. As a professional, she is trained to give you the best hair color and style to suite your face and skin tone.

Kathy has spent extensive hours on both sides of the instruction podium. During the 1980’s, she conducted seminars on the care and servicing of hair replacement products for beauty salons and hair replacement studios throughout Florida. More recently, she continues her training and specializes in individual consultation with hair loss clients. Kathy welcomes new clients who seek a caring, creative approach to looking and feeling their best.

We are always updating our professional standards, by keeping up with the latest technology and advancements and updating our skills as professionals.


Full Service Salon

Accessories and Cosmetics

You may not want to wear your hair alternative product at all times. Turbans, sleep caps and hats provide the perfect alternatives to accommodate your lifestyle. We also offer water-resistant, Mineral Eyebrow Make-up Kits that create perfectly shaped eyebrows in seconds. Using plastic templates in various brow shapes, you can choose from ten different colors to create perfect eyebrows to complement your face shape and skin and hair color.