Essential Oils


Most recently Kathy has become certified as a Clinical Aromatherapist. Her journey began three years ago when she started to lose her hearing. On a quest to find a solution in the Natural Health field, she started to research Essential Oils. She began helping people with blending her own oils for pain, headache, etc. People were saying it really helped. Some have said they are now pain free.

This past August, after a year of study she became a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. She said “This was a blessing, it helped me through a very difficult time of trying to run my business while my hearing was getting worse. This past April I finally had the surgery for a Cochlear Implant and it changed my life.”

Let’s Talk About Lavender

It’s said to be the Mother of all Oils and everyone’s favorite. Many studies show that lavender oil helped lift depression, reduce insomnia and minimize anxiety. The sense of smell is related to the limbic system, the part of the brain that governs our feelings and emotions. Smell is the most primal sense, it has significant influence over our thoughts, emotions, moods, memories and behaviors. Not all oils are created equal. I have learned first-hand during my Certification the critical importance of using high quality, pure essential oils to achieve therapeutic results. Even though you may be tempted to buy your essential oil from your local health food store, I recommend contacting an Aromatherapist or reputable companies who can supply you with detailed information about each oil they sell.

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A shopping cart for you to purchase Pure Essential Oils and also my personal blend that will provide natural pain relief for muscle joint and bone. You can purchase it at my salon today.

The Healing Effects of Essential Oils

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Licensed Cosmetologist for over 40 years, I’ve selected the highest quality oils from plants around the world. Through extensive studies, the sweet earthy scents of Plai, Spike Lavender and Frankincense blended with Sweet Almond Oil have been known to reduce inflammation in muscle, tendon and bone. You can purchase it at my salon today.


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Accessories and Cosmetics

You may not want to wear your hair alternative product at all times. Turbans, sleep caps and hats provide the perfect alternatives to accommodate your lifestyle. We also offer water-resistant, Mineral Eyebrow Make-up Kits that create perfectly shaped eyebrows in seconds. Using plastic templates in various brow shapes, you can choose from ten different colors to create perfect eyebrows to complement your face shape and skin and hair color.